Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There's a Better Way to Ask

There was a big story in the New York Post this weekend about how a restaurant owner lashed out at his body in a profanity-laced note for not aggregation the telecommunicate addresses of customers. [Note: If you’re easily offended, don’t utter on those links.] Granted, the owner was a bit over the top in his method â€" he told the body that any computer or patron who failed to collect at least 20 telecommunicate addresses per hebdomad for digit weeks in a month would be fired immediately â€" but it was great to see that he appreciates the power of telecommunicate marketing. The specifics of the note aside, the message was good: One of the best ways to physique your transmitting list is to ask people when they’re right there in face of you. When they walk out the entranceway and get back to their lives, they instantly lose a piece of that connection with your business or organization, and it’s harder to reach them.read more

How do I make Money with StreamSend?

Many of our new clients come to us through referrals from friends, business associates etc. Customer referrals are one of the prizewinning avenues for marketing and to reward our users we have an Affiliate Program. You only place a clew up unification on your website or email a url for those fascinated in signing up with StreamSend. As an affiliate you module receive 20% per period reoccurring for the clients you refer. The affiliate information is free to join so ground not start earning some player dough for something you may already be doing! For more information or to clew up please meet the unification below.Affiliate Program:https://affiliates.streamsend.com/For those of you who are fascinated in a more hands on approach we offer a albescent label reseller program. You clew up for a large volume plan with Streamsend and reseller it. You are able to create user accounts under your own sort and allow your clients to log in and send emails or you crapper send emails on their behalf. You pay StreamSend monthly for your account and you charge you clients what you would like based on the services you are providing them. For more information on the albescent label reseller service please review the screen cast linked below or occurrence sales.White Label Screen Cast:http://www.streamsend.com/reseller.html

Motivate Employees to Get Email Addresses - Just Not This Way

I meet read an article about a restaurant someone who wrote a filthy telecommunicate (careful, this contains SEVERE  language, folks) to his employees for not collecting telecommunicate addresses. In fact, if they don't collect at least 20 emails a week, he's planning on fining them $100, and if they don't collect at least 20 emails in 2 weeks they're fired. This was reported by an anonymous tipster, but the someone does admit sending it.Now I applaud that he sees the value in telecommunicate marketing, however he's crossing the line by his actions and conduct (in my opinion). Why not do it in a positive fashion, after all, telecommunicate marketing will intend customers in the door and stressing to your body that the people who will benefit will be them, might meet work in your favor. Here are a few more constructive ideas: For every valid telecommunicate address your body gets provide them $2. If they intend 20 valid telecommunicate addresses they intend a kicker of $50. Have a oppose with your staff, whoever gets a certain number of emails wins a prize like cash or a pleasant bottle of bubbly. Motivate your customers to provide you their telecommunicate addresses by having "email only" offers in the bill holder. Test assorted offers to see what works like a liberated birthday dinner up to $xx, or liberated appetizers on their next visit. This gives your employees a reason to ask the customers for their addresses. Giving up something of value to intend it in return crapper go a long way. At the patron stand or checkout, display a business card bowl or a sign up book, then have the patron kibosh people on the artefact out the door and verify them about "email only" offers. Give an semiautomatic 5% VIP discount for any customer who is on the telecommunicate address list. These are meet a few positive ways to intend your body excited about collecting telecommunicate addresses instead of forcing it down their throats. If you've got any ideas of your own, please comment!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Better Watch Out

Don’t be surprised if you impart a Facebook friend request from Santa Claus, Hanukkah Harry, the Holiday Armadillo, or whoever your favorite festive personality is this pass season. That’s because more people module be using social media this assemblage to help with their shopping than ever before, and even Kris Kringle knows to go where the people are. A new study by Deloitte of more than 10,000 adults in the U.S. reveals that 17% of shoppers plan to use social media sites as a part of their pass shopping. Of those using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, 60% feature they module do so to seek out sales, discounts, and coupons; 53% impart to use the sites to research gift ideas; and 52% feature they module use the sites to check the desire lists of friends and family. read more